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About Islwyn Gymnastics Club

The club was formed about 30 years ago and has been based at Blackwood Comprehensive School Gymnasium for about 16 years, prior to that the club was training out of various centres such as Blackwood Miners Institute, Pontllanfraith and Tredegar Leisure centres. Blackwood Comprehensive School has been our home and currently it still is. During this time the club was run by Jeff Greenhouse who had to close the club for a few months due to poor health. After a meeting with two other coaches (Marie and Karl) it was decided that the club should re-open in October 2017. Jeff handed over the role of Head Coach to Marie in January 2018. Since October the club has grown to over 100 members and has classes on the Saturday for Recreational Gymnastics and Squad level Gymnastics


Marie, Karl and all the team have worked tirelessly to ensure that the club maintains a fun, bully free, equality and inclusion environment. The clubs future will be to move into a facility and offer gymnastics on a full time basis for 6 days a week.

Women's Artistic Gymnastics

One moment you’re upside down, spinning around the bar metres off the ground. The next you’re demonstrating perfect balance, somersaulting along a beam no wider than the length of an iPhone!


Women's artistic gymnastics is an Olympic sport and girls from the age of 4 years old can take part and gymnasts can start to compete from around 6 years old. Girls gymnastics teaches Grace, elegance and dance as well as building flexibility and strength. Girls train and compete on four pieces of apparatus; Floor, Beam, Vault and uneven bars.

Men's Artistic Gymnastics

Men’s artistic gymnastics is all about strength. From your very first day, you’ll start building your power as you get to grips with the six pieces of apparatus the men compete on; Floor, Vault, Pommel, parallel bars, high bar and rings.


Men’s Artistic gymnastics is an Olympic sport and boys from the age of 4 years old can start participating. Boys can start to compete from the age of 8 years old. Max Whitlock from Great Britain won double Olympic gold at the Rio Olympics 2016 on pommel and Floor. Nile Wilson also won Bronze on the high bar at the Rio Olympic games 2016. Start training today and maybe you could become the next Max Whitlock, Louis smith or Nile Wilson!!

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