Our Coaches


Marie Ward – Head Coach and Owner

UKCC Level 3 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics - UKCC Level 3 Trampoline


Marie started gymnastics at the age of 4 years old and competed for her club and school until the age of 17, where she transferred across to the discipline of Trampolining and continued to compete at a high level until she was 21 years old.


Marie started coaching gymnastics and trampolining from the age of 19 and has over 15 years coaching experience. Also trained as an accountant, Her ultimate dream is to coach gymnastics on a daily basis as her full-time job and now, she is very excited to see what Islwyn GC can achieve in the future in a full-time facility.


Karl Ward – Managing Director, Coach and Owner

UKCC Level 1 Men’s Artistic Gymnastics - Women’s Artistic Club Judge


Karl became involved in gymnastics a few years ago, since becoming involved he has achieved his UKCC Level 1 in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics and has just recently passed a Women’s Artistic Club Judge. He has been involved in teaching, coaching and mentoring for the past 14 years whilst serving his full colour service of 22 years in the British Army.


Karl is about to attend his Level 2 in Men’s Artistic Discipline in May. He is looking forward to gaining experience and coaching gymnastics for a full-time job. He wants nothing more than Islwyn Gymnastics Club to flourish into a fantastic place for children to learn, develop and enjoy gymnastics to a high level in a No Bullying No Harassment environment.

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